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Halloween Spooktacular

starring professors Zedakah A.K.A. professional magician Jim Thomas

Scream as professor Zedakah plunges a torch through fu Manchu’s box containing a spectator’s head does it magically vanishes

Quiver as Professors Zedakah places a spectator's arm in the Sheiks torture device

Shriek as Professor zedakah saw through your child with a real black and Decker power saw!

And witness many more horrible acts right before your eyes (Set in a not so scary way )


like it or not, some children love Halloween. Professor Zedakah Spooktacular is the only show of its kind that taps into The Halloween theme. it’s for children 7 - 11years old

The 45 minutes performance has it all play a mysterious magic wand that takes or a life of its own, there is a haunted Jackal Lantern, of course The Walking Fred ,ghosts and goblins ,Frankenstein and more .

The entire performance is completely Halloween themed; the area is decorated with Halloween décor. The performances choreographed with Halloween safety tips to help keep the children safe on their night of spooky fun