Fantastic Show!

Everyone was spellbound

Green Hills Elementary

The Children Loved the show, The laughter could be heard in the parking lot! Staff equally enjoyed it . 

La Petite Academy

Jim Thomas the triangles most in demand school assembly program it's full of high-energy, full of surprises and choreographed perfectly for their kindergarten to 5th grade audience .

this performance will educate students about the wonderful world of reading books and also highlights the life and works of one of the most prolific children's authors of the 20th century doctor Seuss.

students are guaranteed to be totally captivated during this 45-minute performance with inspirations from the iconic author

thing one and thing 2 will prove to everyone that seeing can be deceiving!

children will learn to explore the resources that the library has to offer, and books are the windows to the wide world around us /

Aesop’s tale the tortoise and the Hare is brought to life utilizing 2 students to act out the events on stage.

the student body will be asked to stand and take the “readers oath “To read each day”.

a model library is on stage continuously show empty throughout the performance and ends with the magical appearance of a real live Bunny rabbit in the library (bunnies like to read too!)

the children will learn that reading can be fun, educational and relaxing all at the same time .

have Jim Thomas provides a professional backdrop and his own sound system with music sound effects which are choreographed throughout the entire program

this is a program which is new and refreshing !you will not be  disappointed !