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Magicians for Children's Birthday Parties

If your looking for one of the most popular Raleigh Magicians for kid's birthday parties, look no farther. Jim Thomas has been performing his brand of magic shows throughout the U.S. for over 30 years. An experienced family entertainer who guarantees that your child's birthday party will be a cherished memory.

The birthday child is the star of the show! There is plenty of audience participation where the children are part of the show and they actually make the magic happen, things appear, disappear, float and eventually the energy is so high it feels like the room will explode. Not only will they be amazed at incredible magic, but they will be laughing so, so much. its a family style show that not only the kids will love but the parents will also really appreciate the fun..

When magicians perform for birthday parties it's special if animals are used Jim uses Hocus Pocus the bunny and Snowflake the dove , Jim allows the children to pet the bunny so get the cameras ready!

Balloon animals are always a hit with the kids and for the birthday child the elusive "Thing" a hat made extra special makes the birthday child feel extraordinary and the children leave with something special.

Booking a magician, even if you don't book the best magician in North Carolina, make sure you book early to avoid conflicting dates, most of all avoid disappointment of the birthday child. Ask questions, does the magician have liability insurance. How does he dress? How many years experience does he have performing for children? It's important to have a magician who genuinely loves kids.

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