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Planning the BEST Birthday EVER!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Planning Your child's Birthday party can be stressful to say the least. Now there's so much to consider ,from where you should have the party to how are you going to keep all the children involved and entertained. Raleigh Magician Jim Thomas comes to the rescue with a quick check list...

First budget -

How much o you want to spend, plan for food,drinks,cake,activities and entertainment.

Second date -

make sure you date enables friends and family to attend, also entertainment. Entertainers like Jim Thomas need time for booking so not to have conflicting dates.

Third venue -

will this be at you home or a different location, various locations can book early so you want to be ready if one is unavailable.

Fourth theme -

Your theme should reflect your child's likes whether is traditional birthday , Harry Potter themed, or something else.

Fifth guest list -

Create a list which accommodates everyone (no hurt


Sixth time -

Choose a time that keeps the children in mind so it doesn't conflict with other activities.

Seventh length -

Keep the party short, an hour and a half is plenty of time to have an event which is enjoyed by all including parents.

Eighth invitations -

Make sure you specify time , date, location and any special items such as bring swimsuit.

Ninth do parents stay -

So there's no miscommunication do you want parents to stay or can they drop off and leave.

Tenth entertainment -

Choose this area wisely, sometimes children are afraid of clowns, Magician Jim Thomas always creates a great rapport with the birthday child even before the parts which allows the child to feel relaxed and excited about the performance.

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